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Agricultural farms economic effectiveness in Bulgaria
Nina Koteva
Abstract: The research’s aim is to make assessment, based on analysis, of the impact of outgoing structural changes on the degree of economic effectiveness, in total and per specialization of agricultural holdings. Analysis of agricultural farms’ economic state is made for the period 2006-2012.Basic economic indicators have been used – productivity and profitability of farms. The research is based on data from observed farms, included in the FADN (Farm Accountancy Data Network), Department “Agriculture” at MAF. The following scientific methods have been used: comparative analysis, method of statistical groups, expert assessment etc.
On the base of this analysis, the following conclusions were made: • There is not clearly expressed trend toward increasing of the farm effectiveness, in general for the farms in the country. The average gross output amount and the labour productivity have upward trend, due to the increase of these indicators in the farms with field crops. Serious fluctuations show the resultant indicators – net income and profitability rate; • The realized gross output, the labour productiveness and the net income of the field crops farms exceed many times the reach indicators in other farm types, but the production is low profitable. This shows that the achieved results are due to the considerably bigger farm sizes and to the received support and not to the more effective production; • The farms with perennial plants are in the heaviest economic situation. Because of the low effectiveness and high costs, the farmers in this sector have in front very serious problems. The extremely low economic results, non-corresponding to the intensive production, show the crisis in the sector and its deepening; • The received support leads to increase of agricultural producers’ incomes, but do not helps the increase of the production efficiency and profitability.
Keywords: agricultural holdings; economic effectiveness; EU CAP; productivity; profitability
Date published: 2017-10-03
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