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Agricultural Economics and Management Journal   ISSN 0205-3845
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Opportunities for managing the client value of agro-ecosystem services in Bulgaria (part I)
Ivan Boevski, Krassimir Kostenarov
Abstract: The present реsearch focuses on the study of the place and role of customer value in economic systems,and on the role of customer value in (agro) ecosystem services.Various theoretical and applied disciplines are considered, for which the concept of customer value has a direct or indirect meaning. The various definitions are summarized, as the development of the concept of customer value is traced. The empirical part of the stu-dy, based on a survey, summarizes the results of the attitude of sellers of (agro) eco-system products to their customers, the degree of their knowledge of the market, customers and their characteristics.
Keywords: agroecosystem services; customer value; marketing management
Date published: 2021-06-25
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