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Agricultural Economics and Management Journal   ISSN 0205-3845
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Theoretical and methodological aspects of stakeholder engagement within the implementation and development of smart agriculture in Bulgaria
Emil Kalchev, Ivan Boevsky, Todorka Atanassova-Kalaydzhieva
Abstract: This publication sheds light on the theoretical and methodological framework for using stakeholder engagement. Our team focuses on exploring its two key terms “stakeholder” and “stakeholder engagement”. Based on this, we construct holistic definitions for them, which focus on the main characteristics we have identified, such as actorcentered focus, processes, relationships, and networks of relationships, communication, inclusion, continuity and repeatability, longevity, value creation, commitment and cooperation, dedication, predictability and responsibility. In addition, we look at the principles on which the stakeholder engagement strategy should be built. This strategy would allow its adaptation in the various stages of the implementation and development of smart agriculture (plant growing and livestock breeding) in Bulgaria. This would help ensure its sustainable
Keywords: Agricultural Enterprise; Smart Agriculture; Stakeholder; Stakeholder Engagement; Stakeholder Relationship Management
Date published: 2022-04-08
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