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Analysis of Bulgarian Green Direct Payments and CAP support
Monika Kabadzhova
Abstract: The main aim of the study is to analyse the attitudes of agricultural experts and farmers` decision regarding the implementation of Common agricultural policy (CAP) greening requirements in Bulgaria. It has been established that farmers were informed about the Green Direct Payments that are for climate and environment favourable. Awareness, contrasts with the trainings in which farmers have participated in Green Direct Payments, i.e. the main source of information remains the agricultural services, private consultants, other farmers and agro-sites. Based on all analyses, the hypothesis is proved that the farmers fulfil the CAP greening requirements. In support the farmers also apply a variety practices to protect the environment and biodiversity in Blagoevgrad and Kyustendil regions.
Keywords: CAP direct support; farmers; Green Direct Payments
Date published: 2022-04-08
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