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Marketing research and market of non-traditional and poorly distributed vegetable crops in Bulgaria
Petar Kazakov, Tsvetanka Dintcheva, Hriska Boteva
Abstract: two directions: whether there is production of these crops and their distribution in the trade network. The survey was conducted in the period 2018–2021 among 50 farmers from the statistical regions in the country. In the trade network, monitoring was performed in five main retail chains.
It was found that non-traditional and uncommon crops (swiss chard, lovage, chicory, arugula, kale, fennel, coriander, quinoa) are grown in small areas, mainly as mixed crops from 0,040 ha to 0,100 ha, except for asparagus, lettuce and ground apple (1,2–1,0 ha). The demand for these products is from a limited group of people who have spent a time in abroad and know them from foreign local kitchen. In the chains of stores where the study was conducted, non-traditional crops (pak choi, artichokes, asparagus, arugula) are mostly from other countries. A small part of them are from Bulgarian producers (parsnips, lovage, asparagus, arugula).
Keywords: market; non-traditional vegetable crops; production
Date published: 2022-04-08
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