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Agricultural Economics and Management Journal   ISSN 0205-3845
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Challenges for entrepreneurs in agricultural sector to include chickpeas in the production structure
Angel Sarov
Abstract: The present study focuses on entrepreneurial decision-making process, namely the inclusion of chickpeas in the production structure of agricultural enterprises. In the entrepreneurial process in agriculture, a number of risky events have an unlimited number of possible outcomes and the probability of any of them sometimes happening is very small. For this purpose, a brief overview of chickpea production in the country is first made (harvested areas, average yields, total production). The mean value, the standard deviation and the coefficient of variation of yields are then calculated. It uses the cumulative distribution function as a means of displaying a large number of possible results. Finally, it is argued that entrepreneurs in agriculture should choose the alternative whose potential results have the least variability due to the smaller deviations to be overcome.
Keywords: agriculture; chickpeas; entrepreneurship; production structure
Date published: 2022-07-18
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