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Pest analyses of milk and dairy sub-sector in the Republic of North Macedonia
Natasha Daniloska
Abstract: The European Union (EU) establishes common rules for managing agricultural markets,
standards for marketing agricultural products and for trade with third countries and these rules are outlined in the so-called Single Common Market Organisation (CMO) Regulation. Republic of North Macedonia, as an aspirant country is committed to gradual alignment of the national regulations with EU CMO policies and commodity regimes. In this sense, the priority for the coming period shall be a full implementation adherence of the legal provisions to achieve minimum quality (and safety) standards by operators with agricultural products. A significant improvement in the quality and marketing of agricultural products is a paramount issue for particular sub-sectors, such as milk and dairy.
Milk and dairy sector in the Republic of North Macedonia operates in a dynamic environment where it is influenced by-collective social trends, consumer spending behaviour, increasing environmental activism among consumers, regulatory framework, technological changes, increasing regulatory framework for environmental factors, government decisions, and ever evolving legal system.
This paper presents PEST analysis of the internal and external factors that impact the situations in the Macedonian milk and dairy sub-sector, with regard to the introduction and implementation of the Common Market Organisation (CMO) measures.
Keywords: Common Market Organisation; Milk and dairy sub-sector; PEST analysis; Republic of North Macedonia
Date published: 2022-11-04
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