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Agricultural Economics and Management Journal   ISSN 0205-3845
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Stakeholder engagement a core element of a stakeholder management strategy in smart crop implementation
Ivan Boevskyorcid, Krasimir Kostenarov
Abstract: This publication addresses the research question: Why is stakeholder engagement at the core of a stakeholder management strategy? To answer this question, we comment first on the nature of the key concepts for our answer, which are “strategy”, “stakeholder” and “stakeholder engagement”. On this basis, we then argue the answer to the question we asked, which consists in the fact that the main goal of both the stakeholder management strategy and the engagement of stakeholders is the achievement at every moment of the operation and development of the organization/project the so-called “WIN-WIN-SITUATION”, which would create the necessary conditions for sustainable development both in general and in particular in the introduction and development of smart agriculture.
Keywords: Smart Crop Agriculture; Stakeholder; Stakeholder Engagement; Stakeholder Management Strategy
Date published: 2023-04-01
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