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Motivating and demotivating factors for Bulgarian farmers to use WWTP sludge in agricultural holdings
Daniela Tsvyatkova, Bozhidar Ivanov, Vassil Stoychev
Abstract: The problem of the treatment of sludge and the utilization of waste contents of sewage treatment plants for use in agriculture is a problem with a decades-old history. The aim of the study is to identify the main motivating and demotivating factors that convince Bulgarian farmers to use WWTP sludge. The article presents the prospects for agricultural utilization of sludge produced by WWTP in Bulgaria, and more specifically focuses on the study of the effect of sludge utilization in agriculture, on the one hand, and offers opportunities for their application, finding a long-term sustainable solution for their management.
The presented assessment of the possibilities and prospects for the Bulgarian agricultural producers for the utilization of sludge based on the achieved results of a scientific research project aims to solve the problems related to the socio-economic efficiency in the use of sludge in agricultural practice, and to support science and practice when resolving these public issues.
Keywords: agricultural producers; attitudes; Bulgarian agriculture; WWTP
Date published: 2023-12-22
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