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Statistical grouping in studying farmers attitudes for adopting practices of precise agriculture
Angel Sarovorcid, Bozhidar Ivanov, Mihaela Mihailova, Bozhin Bozhinov, Silvia Vasileva
Abstract: The application of precision farming techniques leads to significant improvements both in economical and environmental point of view, facilitates the optimization of resource use and reduces farmers’ risks in terms of natural and disease hazards but enhances the risk from technological faults. The whole article is to explore the attitudes of farmers regarding the possibilities and prospects for the implementation of precision agriculture technologies, identifying and establishing the most possible and unifying views and perceptions obtained from a field study. In this article, a statistical grouping is used to process surveys conducted in farms in Bulgaria. Given the growing role of technology and its importance in expanding, improving and stabilizing farms, the role of precision agriculture is becoming stronger in the agriculture industry.
Keywords: attitudes; field survey; precise agriculture; representativeness; statistical grouping
Citation: Sarov, A., Ivanov, B., Mihailova, M., Bozhinov, B., Vasileva, S. (2024). Statistical grouping in studying farmers’ attitudes for adopting practices of precise agriculture. Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Economics and Management, 69(1), 27-37 (Bg).
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Date published: 2024-03-29
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