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Classification of contracts used in agriculture based on literature review
Mihaela Mihailovaorcid
Abstract: This literature review aims to present a comprehensive overview of contracts used in agriculture, focusing on their development, usage, and impacts in Bulgaria and other countries, and based on it make a classification of the contracts. The research is grounded in the broader field of agricultural economics, rural development and instructional economics, emphasizing the shift in use in contracts in agriculture in Bulgaria after the accession of the country in the EU. It delves into various types of contracts used in agriculture. The classification that is created is illustrating a detailed framework that organizes these agreements based on their focus and functionality.
Keywords: Agrarian Contracts; Agricultural Economics; Bulgarian Agriculture; Contracts in agriculture; Contractual Governance
Citation: Mihailova, M. (2024). Classification of contracts used in agriculture based on literature review. Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Economics and Management, 69(2), 3-20.
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Date published: 2024-06-28
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