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Eco-innovation for provision of ecosystem services a survey among farmers
Kristina Todorova
Abstract: This report addresses the issues of implementing eco-innovation in Bulgarian farms. The aim is to present the results of a survey among farmers regarding the impact of investing in eco-innovation on farm income, what are the effects of eco-innovation on the farm and ecosystems services, what are the incentives and barriers for the introduction of eco-innovation and what are the future intentions of Bulgarian farmers for ecoinnovation. The survey included 64 organic producers cultivating perennial crops, pastures, and apiaries. The results of the study show a high assessment of the impact of eco-innovation on income and the environment. The main barrier to the introduction of eco-innovation is the uncertain state support and change of regulatory requirements. Most farmers have future intentions to continue implementing eco-innovation, with a smaller proportion intending to do so without government support.
Keywords: agricultural holdings; eco-innovation; ecosystem services
Date published: 2022-04-08
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