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Prospects for the development of organic production (based on the attitude of organic producers and the policy to support it)
Diliana Mitova
Abstract: The role of organic farming as an agro-eco-service is recognized – it favors nature and society as a production system, contributes to reducing air, soil and water pollution; to increase biodiversity, strengthen the sustainability of agriculture, to provide healthy food and clean nature for present and future generations.
The aim of the study is to assess the awareness of organic producers themselves of current agricultural processes affecting organic farming – which could provide guidelines for a more effective future public policy and forms of public intervention in the field of organic farming. as an important and essential agro-ecosystem service, for the improvement of strategies and actions for its effective management, as well as for the management of public eco-programs aimed at sustainable development of agriculture.
The methodology uses a mixed approach, combining quantitative and qualitative methods. This material presents the results of an empirical study-survey on ecosystem services, in the part related to organic production (BP) as an ecosystem service, on the information and opinion of owners and managers of organic farms in our country, located in different ecosystems and regions, with different specialization and activity, on different aspects related to the provision of agro-eco-system services from organic farming.
It is extremely important for the future development of organic production in our country to see the attitude of organic producers - how they see and assess the state of organic production in our country, what they think about the prospects for its development and how they assess their capabilities in this aspect. Based on the survey, it can be concluded that the attitude of organic producers in our country to the production itself is positive and the prospects for its future development are promising; their costs for BP are considered justified and reimbursable. The need to increase awareness, knowledge and support activities in this segment is recognized.
There is great interest in BZ and it has great potential for development, including as a sector of agriculture, which generates a number of eco-system services for society, nature and people.
Keywords: agroecosystem services; attitudes; effects; Organic Farming; prospects
Date published: 2022-07-18
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