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Analysis of the political framework, related to the provision of agro-ecological services in Bulgaria
Svetozar Pavlikov Ivanov
Abstract: The following article provides a historical overview of the emergence and development of agroecology as a science and practice. The main principles and concepts of its evolution are considered. An analysis of the policy framework, related to the implementation of agroecology was performed, and several agroecological services, along with various relevant agricultural practices were selected. A comparative analysis was made between the agro-ecological payments, applied during the two program periods of CAP 2014–2020 and CAP 2023–2027. The conclusion was that with the development of the political framework, the implementation of agro-ecological activities and practices lead to the preservation of the environment and climate, biodiversity increase and soil fertility restoration.
Keywords: agro-ecological; agro-ecological practices; agro-ecological services; biodiversity; landscape; organic farming; soil; water; САР
Date published: 2023-09-29
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