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Analysis of farmers attitudes towards providing agro-ecological public goods in Bulgaria
Svetozar Ivanov, Dimitre Nikolov, Krasimir Kostenarov
Abstract: The following article presents an analysis of various factors and attitudes of farmers in Bulgaria towards the provision of agro-ecological public goods. A survey is being conducted as part of the project “Provision of Agro-Ecological Public Goods in Agriculture by Improving Contractual Relations (PRADO)” 2022 – 2023, led by the Institute of Agrarian Economics in Sofia. In addition, a partial proportional logistic model was used for evaluation purposes as well. The analysis of farmers’ perceptions and willingness to participate in the provision of agri-environmental public goods focuses on four main types of contracts: result-based agreements, collective action initiatives, value chain arrangements, and land tenure agreements. The research findings indicate that several factors, including education level, production of certified organic goods, cultivated area size, discounted land rental, and primary farm activities, have a positive influence on farmers’ inclination to engage in the four types of contracts under analysis.
Keywords: agroecology; CAP; farmers; innovative contracts
Citation: Ivanov, Sv., Nikolov, D., Kostenarov, Kr. (2024). Analysis of farmers attitudes towards providing agroecological
public goods in Bulgaria. Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Economics and Management, 69(2), 55-67.
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Date published: 2024-06-28
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