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Business model as a basis for diversification of agricultural to non-agricultural activities in order to protect local genetic resources and increase farmers income
Bozhura Fidanska, Teodora Ivanova, Desisslava Dimitrova
Abstract: Part of the biological diversity are precisely the local genetic resources, which provide not only subsistence,
but also employment in rural areas. Empirical studies have shown so far that modern market channels are not attractive and popular to farmers who cultivate local plant varieties. In this regard, new initiatives and innovative business models are needed to create incentives and conditions for the sustainable inclusion of farmers who cultivate local varieties.
The aim of the present research is to develop a business model that provides a solution for sustainable production, use and promotion of local genetic resources.
The multi-criteria analysis V-AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) is used to evaluate the business model. The
following scientific methods were used in the research: analysis and synthesis, comparative analysis, desk research, statistical grouping method, survey method, and graphic method.
The obtained results have led to the conclusion that a large part of farmers growing crops from local varieties
protects these genetic resources; need to diversify the agricultural activity in order to increase their income.
Keywords: innovative business models; local genetic resources; non-agricultural activities; sustainability
Date published: 2023-06-30
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